December 23, 2014 CNÑ (en Español)

Realidades en Contexto

Discussion of  the disappearance of the 43 students who went missing in Mexico’s Guerrero state in September and the grieving process for families who have lost loved ones and how they can overcome such a loss. “

April 2008 Time Magazine

The Therapist – How Americans Spend Now

January 22, 2007 Science Line

A New York psychologist sheds light on the realities of terminal illness in American children.

April 2001 Vol. 24, No. 4 – Working Mother Magazine

2005: HITN-TV – National Cable Network-‘s Diálogo de Costa a Costa: “Children and the internet: how to protect them from access to inappropriate content.”

2005: Me Magazine: Relationship issues

2001: Investor’s Business Daily: Online psychotherapy and the internet

2001: Wireless Flash: “Will ‘The Weakest Link’ get a shrink?”

2001: Health Watch Medscape Health for Consumers: Will E- Therapy transform mental health?

2001: Men’s Health: Q & A: “Intimate Conversations”.

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Medicamentos y el tratamiento psiquiátrico de niños y adolescentes (Dr. A. Caraballo, Dr. M. Verna).

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