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We are none of us just one thing. I bring my experiences as a woman, a bilingual emigrant with a multicultural inheritance, a dancer, and a seasoned psychotherapist to my work with clients. My appreciation of multiple roles, allegiances, and identities held in harmony and in tension with one another enriches my understanding of the people who choose to work with me. I know how hard life in the city can be. I know too how transformative it can be, to be truly heard and understood in all one’s complexity.

I have worked with patients in medical settings, with people in crisis, with parents, with clients at many stages of life. Sometimes our work is brief and focused. Or it may be that the presenting issue resolves relatively quickly, and other more complex, longstanding questions emerge that the client then decides to address. The process is collaborative.

In the midst of anxieties, misgivings, confusion, the people who come to see me have a deep understanding of what they need—and even what they will need to do to get what they need. Helping them clear the many internal and external obstacles to following that path is the heart of the work that I am privileged to do.

About ECA Psychology, LLC

Redefining yourself requires your immediate attention!

Our therapeutic encounter will help you create tools to live a balanced life. So you can thrive despite the challenges that life brings to us all.

I will assist you in your journey towards wellness by borrowing from various theories to solve problems and create new avenues for development.

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